Summer/Windy Wing Pony Poses

These unique ponies were a recreation of the Flutterpony idea, only with fancier, harder to break wings. They were tiny compared to flutterponies and were about the size of a baby pony. Their wings were made of flat plastic in the shape of butterfly wings with butterfly like designs on each.

High Flyer/Little Flitter Pose

This pony stood with three feet flat. THe fourth foot, her left front, was bent at the kne and only touched the ground with the tip. Her right front was stretched off away from her body but still flat on the ground. Her right hind lef was directly beneath her body while her left hind leg was brought forth a little. Her head was held straight up and looked straight forward while the top of her head was tilted a little to the right. Copywrited 1988.

High FlyerLittle Flitter
FlurryCool Breeze

Buzzer/Lady Flutter Pose

This pose was so similar to the High Flyer/Little Flutter pose that it gave me alot of grief in figuring it out. However, there are alot of distinct differences. With this pose, not one foot was truly flat on the ground. She seemed to be stanfing on tip-toe. Her back feet were even with each other though and her front left foot was bent at the knee. Her head was looking up, and also a little off to the left. Perhaps is she trying to see onto a high shelf? Copywrited 1988.

BuzzerLady Flutter
Starry WingsSun Glider

Glow/Sky Dancer Pose

This pose was very different from the other two. This pony seemed a little shy or timid. She stood with all four feet flat and very much splayed. They were all level with each other and it looked almost as if she was a little unsure of the saftey of her position. Her head is odd, in that it is held down and she is herself looking down with a very noticeable turn of the neck to the left. Copywrited 1988.

GlowSky Dancer
Moon JumperWhirly

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