Unicorn Pony Poses

Glory/Twilight Pose

This was the most used of the first two unicorn poses. It is perhaps the "classic" unicorn pose. It has widespread but parallel back legs. One front leg was planted on the ground but the righr was raised into the air. The head was held up and looking straight forward. Copywrited 1983

Unicorn GloryUnicorn Twilight
Rainbow MoonstoneRainbow Windy
Playset Majesty

Moondancer/Sunbeam Pose

This pose was used very little and is probably the rarest unicorn pose. It featured a new and unique walking posture in which the pony appeared to be in the act of walking forward with the front right and hind left put slightly forward and the front left and hind right slightly back. The top of the head was also tilted just slightly to the right. Copywrited 1983.

Unicorn MoondancerUnicorn Sunbeam
Candy Cane Sugar Sweet

Powder/Sky Flier Pose

This pose was doomed to become on of the rarest poses there was, if it wasn't for the Dance and Prance ponies. Every last one of them was made in this pose. In any case, this pose was a very interesting pose. The pony had all four feet flat on the ground but seemed to be leaning backwards a little. Her head eas pointed upwards, as if she was looking to the sky for something. Perhaps it is just coincidental, but the two ponies first made in this pose had symbols and names that had to do with the sky: snow and kites. Copywrited 1984.

Unicorn PowderUnicorn Sky Flier
Sparkle Star Hopper
Dance 'n Prance PlayerDance 'n Prance Songster
Dance 'n Prance SwingerDance 'n Prance Tap Dancer

Gusty/Sparkler Pose

This pose too seemed to dissapear into obscurity. However, it was a very elegant pose. The pony had its right feet planted firmly on the ground. The left hind was planted too, but a little in front of the right hind. The left front had its knee bent and turned outward and rested on its tip. The top of the head was tilted to the left, almost making the pony curtsey, if you will. Copywrited 1984.

Unicorn/So-Soft GustyUnicorn Sparkler
Rainbow PinwheelRainbow Starflower
Happy Tails TabbySweetberry Boysenberry Pie
Perfume Puff Red RosesGlow 'n Show Dazzleglow
Magic Message Cloud Dreamer

Ribbon/Buttons Pose

This particular pose had a nasty habit of becoming off balance. More often than not, the pony was resting on its right front, while this particular foot was supposed to be in the air. The pony's left feet were firmly planted on the ground. the right hind was also planted but it was planted a little in front of the left hind. the right fore was bent at the knee and placed out front in such a fashion that it did not touch the ground. The head was held evenly and straight. Copywrited 1985.

So-Soft ButtonsSo-Soft Ribbon
So-Soft TwistSo-Soft Fifi
Twinkle Eye FizzyTwinkle Eye Galaxy
Twinkle Eye SpeedyTAF Buttons
Brush 'n Grow BouquetSunshine Beach Ball
Tropical Hula HulaRainbow Curl Streaky
Rockin' Beat Tuneful

Milky Way Pose

This pose somewhat resembled a mix between the earlier but obscure Powder/Sky Flier pose and the Buttons/Ribbon pose. Like the Powder/Sky Flier pose, the head was held very high. Like the Buttons/Ribbon pose, three feet were flat on teh ground, the right hind being a little in front of the left hind. The right fore was held out at the knee and did not at all touch the ground. However, this pose stood up much better than the Buttons/Ribbon pose because of the placement of the head.

Twice as Fancy Milky WaySo-Soft BanglesTwinkle Eye Mimic

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