Sundae Best Pony Poses

Like the Princess Ponies, the Sundae Best were made to immitate earlier poses. Unlike the Princess Ponies, these poses are obviously not the same poses from their earlier counterparts. I have listed here the Sundae Best Ponies and what pose they were badly modeled after. All of them were copywrighted 1987.

Banana Surprise

(Apple-Jack/Bow-Tie Pose)

Crunch Berry

(Cherries Jubilee/Tootsie Pose)


(Lickety-Split/Posey Pose)

Swirly Whirly

(Blossom/Cotton Candy Pose)

Coco Berry

(Powder/Sky Flier Pose)

Peppermint Crunch

(Firefly/Medley Pose)

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