Sweetheart Sister Pony Poses

There were three Sweetheart Sister Poses. These poses were much slimmer than normal poses and had long, slim legs. The head, too was slimmer and there was usually an earring in the ear (Sweetheart Sisters only), or a pinprick hole where one was to be placed, but hadn't been (non-Sweetheart Sisters).

Standing Sweetheart Sister

This pose had the pony standing on all four feet. The left feet were behind the right feet and all feet were turned outward, except for the hind left. The head was turned to look to the left. Copywrited 1988.

Sweetheart Sister Flower BurstSweetheart Sister Spring Song
Glitter SS Bright NightProm Queen SS Sweet Sundrop
Pretty Pony BeautybloomPretty Pony Flower Dream
Sweet Kisses Lovin' KissesSundazzle Sunglory

Walking Sweetheart Sister

This pose had the pony walking. All feet were flat but the left legs were in front of the right legs and the front left leg was bent at the knee and extended slightly forward. THe back right leg was extended slightly backwards. The head was held straight. Copywrited 1988.

Sweetheart Sister Fancy FlowerSweetheart Sister Frilly Flower
Glitter SS SunblossomGlitter SS Star Flash
Prom Queen SS Cha ChaProm Queen SS Daisy Dancer
Pretty Pony GardenglowSweet Kisses Ruby Lips
Sundazzle Sunbeam

Trotting Sweetheart Sister Pose

This pose had the pony trotting. Like the walking pose, one side of legs was infront of the other, but this time, it was the right legs that were infront of the left. The front right leg was extended and bent at the knee, same as the walking pose. What really distinguished the two poses was the back legs. The right hind was brought farther beneath the body and the left hind was extended back so that it rested on its tip. The head was also held straight and pointed forward. Copywrited 1988.

Sweetheart Sister DaintySweetheart Sister Wild Flower
Glittery SS TwinklerProm Queen SS Pretty Belle
Pretty Pony Rosy LoveSweet Kisses Happy Hugs
Sundazzle SunspasherSpecial Order Goldilocks

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