Sea Pony Poses

Original Sea Pony Pose

This pose is one of the only two adult sea pony poses. It is rather simple, and has the pony facing straight forward with head level. The tail curls out in front of the pony, evenly on either side. Copywrited 1984

Sea BreezeSea MistWhitecap

Additional Sea Pony Pose

This pose was exactly like the other adult sea pony pose except that the head was tilted up at a 45 degree angle. The tail was still curled towards the body and the head was still even. Copywrited 198?

High TideSand DollarWave Jumper

Backstroke/Sea Star/Splasher Pose

This pose was little used and only used for this one year. The baby looked straight forward, not even at an angle. The main difference was that her tail was curled to the left. Of lesser notice would be the fact that her fins were larger than any of the others. Copywrited 1984

Baby Sea Pony BackstrokeBaby Sea Pony Sea Star
Baby Sea Pony SplasherParty Gift Back Celebrate

Sea Shimmer/Surf Rider/Tiny Bubbles Pose

This pose was the foundation of all Baby Sea Pony poses. It was used more often out of the three. The baby looked a little bit up and to the left while her tail was curled on the right side of her body. Her fins were positively tiny compared to the other poses. Copywrited 1984

Baby Sea Pony Tiny BubblesBaby Sea Pony Sea Shimmer
Baby Sea Pony Surf RiderPearly Baby Sea Pony Beachcomber
Sparkle Baby Sea Pony SaltySparkle Baby Sea Pony Sea Spray
Sparkle Baby Sea Pony WavyWatercolor Baby Sea Pony Misty
Watercolor Baby Sea Pony SealightWatercolor Baby Sea Pony Wave Dancer

Ripple/Sunshower/Water Lily Pose

This rather unique pose was the only later Baby Sea Pony pose to be created. It appeared in the second year of baby sea ponies and was used every year thereafter. The head of this baby was pointed straight up and inclined a little to the right. Her tail was curled on her left side. Copywrited 1985

Pearly Baby Sea Pony RipplePearly Baby Sea Pony SunshowerPearly Baby Sea Pony Water Lily
Sparkle Baby Sea Pony DipperSparkle Baby Sea Pony Sea Breeze?Sparkle Baby Sea Pony Surfy
Watercolor Baby Sea Pony FoamyWatercolor Baby Sea Pony SeashoreWatercolor Baby Sea Pony Sea Winkle

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