Princess Pony Poses

Now, why aren't these under the Earth, Unicorn, and Pegasus poses? There is a very good reason for this. The poses are not the same. The Princess Ponies, like the Sundae Best Ponies were merely modeled after previous poses and not actually in those poses. This can be determined by the fact that the copywright date on the bottom of their feet is different than that of the original pose. So, I have here listed all Princess Ponies and next to them, their copywright date and the pose that they were modeled after.

Princess Primrose

1987 (Up, Up, and Away Pose)

Princess Royal Blue

1987 (Love Melody/Sweet Tooth Pose)

Princess Serena

1987 (Sugarberry Pose)

Princess Starburst

1987 (Love Melody/Sweet Tooth Pose)

Princess Sparkle

1987 (Milky Way Pose)

Princess Tiffany

1987 (Dancing Butterflies Pose)

Princess Dawn

1987 (Cupcake/Shady Pose)

Princess Moondust

1987 (Lickety Split/Posey Pose)

Princess Sunbeam

1987 (Cherries Jubilee/Tootsie Pose)

Princess Tafetta

(Bow-Tie/Apple-Jack Pose)

Princess Misty

1987 (Moondancer/Sunbeam Pose)

Princess Pristina

1987 (Heart Throb/Surprise Pose)

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