Pegasus Pony Poses

Firefly/Medley Pose

This was the only pegasus pose used this year and it was never once used after this year. It had the distiction of having an open mouth and its left leg raised so high that is touched the body. The pony almost seemed to be taking off with its head held immediately above the body and the back legs gathered beneath. The front right foot merely touched the ground on its edge. Copywrited 1983.

Pegasus FireflyPegasus Medley
Rainbow SkydancerRainbow Starshine
Playset Sprinkles

Heart Throb/Surprise Pose

This pose was used quite a bit, probably the most common pegasus pose. It had the three feet planted on the ground, specifically the back two and the left front. The left hind was a little in front of the right hind. The front right leg was bent at the knee and pointed inwards. The neck and head were tilted and looking in the same direction as the knee, to the left. This pose did quite a bit resemble the Gusty/Sparkler pose and it was even made the same year. Copywright 1984

Pegasus/So-Soft Heart ThrobPegasus/So-Soft Surprise
Rainbow FlutterbyeRainbow Tickle
Twice as Fancy Yum YumBrush 'n Grow Curly Locks
Sparkle TwinklerCandy Cane Sugar Apple
Sunshine Wave RunnerPrincess Brush 'n Grow Glittering Gem
Rainbow Curl RingletsFirefly's Adventure Firefly

Paradise/Wind Whistler Pose

This pose was an attempt to make a flying pegasus, as that is what it looks like the pegasus is doing. The head is held parallel to the ground and looking straight forward. Both front legs are bent at the knee and the front tip of the hoof is touching the ground. The back feet too are just touching the ground with their tips. This pose was not used very much. Copywright 1985

So-Soft ParadiseSo-Soft Wind Whistler
So-Soft BouncySo-Soft Best Wishes
Twinkle-Eye WhizzerHappy Tails Tall Tales

Lofty/North Star Pose

This pose had a tendency to rock back and forth and was not very steady. The pony had both back feet planted close to each other, the left a tiny bit in front of the right. The front right was bent at the knee slightly and pointed outwards and the front lrft was taken slightly off the ground, hence for the instability. The head was turned slightly to the right in the same direction that the right knee pointed. Copywright 1985.

So-Soft LoftySo-Soft North StarSo-Soft Hippity Hop
Twinkle Eye MasqueradeTwinkle Eye Sweet PopBrush 'n Grow Braided Beauty
Magic Message FloaterPrincess Brush 'n Grow Brilliant Bloom

Dancing Butterflies Pose

This pose very closely resembled the Gusty/Sparkler pose, even more so than the Heart Throb/Surprise pose. It has three feet planted on the ground, the right feet and the left hind. The back feet are pretty spaced and the left hind is slightly in front. The front right is tilted in a little and the left front is bent at the knee with the lower leg being brought is straigh towards the other ftont with the tip just touching the ground. The head is tilted to the left a lot. Copywrited 1987

Twice as Fancy Dancing ButterfliesSo-Soft Twilight
Twinkle Eye LocketSweet Berry Blueberry Baskets
Perfume Puff Lavendar LaceTropical Sea Breeze
Glow 'n Show Starglow

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