Newborn Pony Poses

Doodles/Jangles/Milkweed Earth Pose

This pose had the baby standing on two feet flat, which were the two right feet. These feet were level and straight beneath the body. The left front foot was brought back just a little and rested mostly on the tip. The left hind was brought back a lot and did just rest on the ground with its tip. The head was straight in all aspects and the baby looked up a little. Copywrited: 1987.

Distinguishing feature: left hind leg stretched back

Newborn Twin DoodlesNewborn Twin JanglesNewborn Twin Milkweed
Newborn Twin Sleepy HeadNewborn Twin Big TopNewborn Dangles
Newborn Squirmy

Noodles/Tangles/Tumbleweed Earth Pose

This pose was a very simple type pose. All four feet were flat beneath the pony and they were all level with each other, not one foot was in front of or behind any of it's counterparts. The head was held up and the pony looked just a little up with the slightest of tilts, being that the top of the head was tilted to the right just a little. Copywrited 1987.

Distinguishing feature: all four feet flat and level.

Newborn Twin NoodlesNewborn Twin TanglesNewborn Twin Tumbleweed
Newborn Twin Sleep TightNewborn Twin PuddlesNewborn Twin Sticky
Newborn Shaggy

Peeks/Sniffles Earth Pose

A later occurance, this pose was used in conjunction only with one of the earlier poses for twin sets. It had the baby standing flat on three feet. The right hind being just a little in front of the left hind. The right fore foot was held high above the fround, bent at the elbow and knee. The head was held up and straight with the top of the head having just the slightest inclination right. Copywrited 1987.

Distinguishing feature: right front hoof held off the ground

Newborn Twin PeeksNewborn Twin Sniffles

Toppy Earth Pose

This pose was a cute, playful pose. The baby had four feet flat on the ground. The hind feet were held level with each other and right under the body. THe front feet were bent at the elbow and knee, making the pony crouch down as if to pounce. The head was held up a little more than the others and was looking straight ahead. Copywrited 1987.

Distinguishing feature: both front legs bent.

Newborn Twin ToppyNewborn Tappy

Rattles/Sniffles Unicorn Pose

There were only two unicorn newborn poses and they were both very similar. This one had the newborn standing flat and even on her hind feet while her front feet were held a little odd. Her left front was stretched back under her body with just the tip of the hoof touching the ground. Her front right foot was stretched out forward from the body with only the back of the hoof touching. Her head was looking upward aand to the right just a little. Copywrited 1987.

Distinguishing feature: looking right with right leg extended.

Newborn Twin RattlesNewborn Twin Sniffles
Newborn Twin JebberNewborn Twin Shovles
Newborn Wiggles

Snookums/Tattles Unicorn Pose

The second of the only two unicorn poses, this one was very similar to its counterpart. It had its hind legs flat on the ground with the right hind just a little extended. The front right was inclined back just a little and just barely rested on only the tip of the hoof. The front left, however, was extended out from the body and rested on only the back part of the hoof. The head was held up, looking upwards and just a little to the left. Copywrited 1987.

Distinguishing feature: looking to the left with left leg extended.

Newborn Twin SnookumsNewborn Twin Tattles
Newborn Twin JabberNewborn Twin Sandcastle

Dibbles/Nibbles Pegasus Pose

I havn't an example of this pose to describe for you, so this is what I was told it looked like. head pivoted to the right, left rear foot off the fround a tad and behind the right rear foot a bit. Copywrited 1987.

Distinguishing feature: head bent to the right quite a bit.

Newborn Twin DibblesNewborn Twin Nibbles

Bunkie/speckles Pegasus Pose

As if bouncing about to check her new wings, this youngster looks to be having some fun. Not one foot is flat on the ground. Her hind feet are bent about in such a position that the feet aren't even on the ground, only the rims of the hooves touch. The front feet are bend at the elbows and knees so that only the tp of the hoof touches the ground. Her head looks straight forward and her neck is bent ever so slightly to the left. Copywrited 1987.

Distingusishing feature: not one foot is flat

Newborn Twin BunkieNewborn Twin Speckles
Newborn Yo-Yo

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