Merry go Round Pony Poses

This was the last set of poses that was made to copy earlier poses. This particular set Hasbro did a very good job on. And, to save money, only three poses were created for the six earth ponies, using only colors to differentiate between the ponies. Once again, I have here the names of the ponies followed by the pose that they were modeled after. All were copywrighted 1989.

Brilliant Blossoms

(Cherries Jubilee/Tootsie Pose)


(Cherries Jubilee/Tootsie Pose)

Diamond Dreams

(Love Melody/Sweet Tooth Pose)


(Love Melody/Sweet Tooth Pose)

Flower Bouquet

(Lickety-Split/Posey Pose)


(Lickety-Split/Posey Pose)

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