Later/other Baby Pony Poses

Drink 'n Wet Baby Pony Poses

Well, Hasbro sure did some odd things when they thought of Drink 'n Wet Baby Ponies. They made four totally unique poses for the four totally unique babies. In general, these babies were chubby and had a round hole in their mouth. There was another round hole just beneath the tail. Connecting these holes was a tube that ran through the pony's body. All of these babies were earth ponies except for the one unicorn. All copywrited 1989.

Earth Baby CuddlesEarth Baby Flicker
Earth Baby RainfeatherUnicorn Baby Snookums

Baby Ballerina Pose

There was only one pose used for these four babies. It's biggest feature was its poseableness. You could move all four legs into any position and the head twisted too. The pony was wearing a permanent outfit and had four straight legs with ballet shoes with painted bows on her feet. Copywrited 1990.

Baby Soft StepsBaby Sweetsteps
Baby TippytoesBaby Toe Dancer

Teeny Tiny Poses

First Pose

This pose had a 1 beneath the left front. All four feet were flat on the ground and the left front was slightly infront of the right front. The head looked to the left and was level.

Teeny Tiny Little Honey PieTeeny Tiny Little Whiskers
Teeny Twin RattlesTeeny Twin Bootsie
Teeny Twin Sniffles

Second Pose

This pose had a 2 beneath the left foot. All four feet were level and equal. The face looked to the right and up. The mouth was pursed into an O.

Teeny Tiny Little GigglesTeeny Tiny Little Tabby
Teeny Twin TattlesTootsie

Fancy Mermaid Pose

Only one pose was used for these three odd ponies. These ponies were baby mermaids who had the lower body of a fish but the upper body of a pony. She stood on a flat section on her belly with her tail fin curved up against her back. Her front feet were held out from her body as though she wanted to hug something and her chubby face looked to the left and upwards just a little with the top of her head inclined the slightest bit to the left. Copywrited 1991.

Baby PearlBaby Sea PrincessBaby Sea Shimmer

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