Later/other Adult Pony Poses

Sweetsteps Ballerina Pony Poses

These ponies are all decked out for a good ballet at the theater. They had a permanent leotard and ballet shoes but best of all, they were fully poseable! You could move all four legs and head. The two poses' bodies were completely identical. They had one foot flat, the left hind, while the two right feet were pointed. The left fore was pointed too but it was also bent at the knee a bit. The only difference between the poses was the way the head was held.

Posey Rose/Silky Slipper Pose

This pose's head was sticking straight off the body and looking upwards. Copywrited 1989.

Sweetsteps Ballerina Posey RoseSweetsteps Ballerina Silky Slipper

Tip Toes/Twinkle Dancer Pose

This pose's head was sticking straight up from her body and looking decidedly forward. Copywrited 1989.

Tip ToesTwinkle Dancer

Bride Pose

I chose to call this pose the bride pose because that is how it was introduced. It really fits in no real category. It resembles the Sweetheart Sister Poses, however, the legs were more stable and the head larger. It was bigger than than traditional poses, a little taller than Sweetheart Sisters. It has the same thin bodies that Sweetheart Sisters had. This pose had three feet flat on the ground with the fourth foot, the left rear resting on its tip stretched out behind the body. The three flat feet had the right front out farthest with the right hind directly behind it and the left fore just behind and beside it. The head was straight up and looking directly to the right. Copywrited 1989.

Pony BrideBridal Beauty
Purple Princess PonyPink Princess Pony
Colorswirl LovebeamColorswirl Springy
Colorswirl Starswirl

Precious Pocket Poses

These poses were much larget than any previous ponies. They were very tall and yet more in proportion than the Sweetheart Sister Ponies and the Bride Pose. Their biggest feature though was the pocet that was attached to only one side and attached to that pocket was a little charm on a silver string. There were only two and each was only used twice.

Bubblefish/Sweet Pocket Pose

This particular pose was even larger because the pony seemed to be stretching to look into some hich place. Her right fore and left hind were stretched forward just a bit and flat on the ground. Her right hind was stretched back and touched the ground just with the tip of the foot. Her right fore was bent beneat her and also touched the ground just with the tip of the foot. Her head was straight above the body and looking upward with the chin tilted upwards. Copywrited 1990.

BubblefishSweet Pocket

Bunny Hop/Li'l Pocket Pose

This particular pose was a complete turnabout from its counterpart. Instead of having the pony look upwards, this pony seemed more inclined downwards. Only the back feet were flat on the ground while the front feet touched the ground only with their heels. All feet were level with each other, but all four feet were stretched far, far forward crouching the pony down a bit. Her head was turned to the left a litte while the top of her head was inclined to the right. Copywrited 1990.

Bunny HopLi'l Pocket

Secret Surprise Pose

These particular ponies had one special characteristic. They had a cape on their back that opened via a key hole on their chest. Because of the secret compartment, these ponies had to be big and big htey were. Though not the tallest ponies, they were in general dimensions the largest. Unfortunately, the capes on their backs were easily broken or lost and so were their keys. Rare is the Secret Surprise pony with both cape and key.

There was only one pose used for theses ponies, and as mentioned, it featured very wide legs, body, and head. All four feet were flat and even with the front feet splayed outward just a little. the head was turned a little to the right and looking a little down. The keyhole is in the chest. The compartment is very small, about 1.5 inces deep, 1.5 inches long, and 1 inch wide. It operated with a latch at the front and a spring attachment at the back which was detachable. Copywrited 1990.

Pretty PuffSecret Beauty
Secret StarStardazzle

Sweet Talkin' Pose

Only used for the two ponies of this kind, this pose, like a lot of later poses, also had to be very big to accomodate its special feature. This pony was very special because it could talk via a mechanism inside and a speaker in its underside. Her head twisted off it accept batteries and you squeezed her sides to hear her speek. She was about the size of the Precious Pocket ponies and was in a very similar pose to the Bubblefish/Sweet Pocket Pose. In fact, the body of these two poses is identical while the head is the only difference. The head of the Sweet talkin' Ponies is looking in the same direction and inclined in the same direction as the Bubblefish/Sweet Pocket Pose but her mouth is opened as though she is talking. Copywrited 1991.

Pink Sweet Talkin'Purple Sweet Talkin'

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