Pony Friend Poses

Obviously, the poses of the pony friends were one of a kind. There were never two alike. They were modeled after certain animals, so I have listed here the names of the friends (this includes the Pretty Pals of year 7), copywright date, and what animal they were modeled after.


1987 (giraffe)


1987 (lion)


1987 (camel)

Zig Zag

1987 (zebra)

Cha Cha

1988 (llama)


1988 (dinasaur)


1988 (elephant)


1988 (moose)

Baby Hoppy

1988 (kangaroo)

Baby Leafy

1988 (cow)

Baby Nectar

1988 (Panda Bear)

Baby Wooly

1988 (lamb)

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