Flutter Pony Poses

Flutter ponies were different from the other ponies. They were small ponies, bigger than babies, with thin legs and bodies and irridescent wings in their backs. The wings could flutter if you pushed a small shell also in their back. Unfortunately, the wings often broke and are therefore very hard to find. The exceptions to this were the Pretty Mane ponies who don't have wings and yet were made in the flutter pose.

Lily/Rosedust/Morning Glory Flutter Pose

This pose was rather simple. All four feet were flat on the ground and were facing outwards a little. The head was tiled upwards and looked to the right a little. Therefore, it really is a rather simple pose. Copywrited 1986.

LilyMorning GloryRosedust
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Forget-Me-Not/Honeysuckle/Peach Blossom Flutter Pose

This pose is dainty and almost sweet. The left hind and right fore were planted on the ground and inclined a little forward. Her left fore was thrown all the way forward, stretched nearly straight and touching the ground with the outside tip of the foot. The right hind was stretched all the way back and wasn't even touching the ground with the tip of the foot hovering off the ground by mere millimeters. Her head is inclined upwards and she looks off to the left just a little. Copywrited 1986.

Forget-Me-NotHoneysucklePeach Blossom

Cloud Puff/Wind Drifter Flutter Pose

Perhaps this pony was cavorting in flight or in the midst of taking off. Either way, this pose doesn't at first look like it would allow the pony to stand at all on solid ground. On close inspection, one finds that not one foot is flat on the ground and all feet are resting on the tip of the foot, to some degree. All four feet are straight and stretched back to effet this posture. The right fore is stretched a little farther than its counterpart and the same can be said for the left rear. The head is pointing straight up with the pony looking off into space. Copywrited 1987.

Cloud PuffWind Drifter
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Tropical Breeze/Wingsong Flutter Pose

This particular flutter pose was perhaps the most unique of them all. All previous poses seemed to have the pony focusing on some distant point up high. This pose turned the flutter's attention more to the observer. This is because the pony's head was completely level with the ground, although being held straight up, and was turned completely sideways to the left as though she was looking at something on ground level. Her feet merely complemented this. Three were flat on the ground and grouped beneath the pony's body. The fourth, her front left was bent at the knee with the knee almost pointing off in the direction the pony looked. Copywrited 1987.

Tropical BreezeWingsong

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