Foreign My Little Pony Poses

Earth Pony PosesUnicorn PosesPegasus Poses
Adult Sea Pony PosesBaby Pony PosesBig Brother Pony Poses
Newborn PosesSweet Talkin' PoseBaby Boy Pose

Earth Pony Poses

Blossom/Cotton Candy Pose
Earth Applejack (alternate)Earth Bow-Tie (alternate)

Apple-Jack/Bow Tie Pose
Rainbow Confetti (alternate)Playset Cascade
Rainbow Night LightRainbow Raindrop
Forget-Me-not NarcissusPicnic Cloverleaf
Character Bon-BonCharacter Sweetheart
Family Friends and Babies Mommy Berrytown

Cherries Jubilee/Tootsie Pose
Earth Magic Star (alternate)Earth SnowflakeBirthday Tutti Fruti
Forget-Me-Not Tulip BloomSchool-Time Play TimeTournament Rosetta
Romance Love-in-a-MistCookery Cherry SweetCookery Sweet Delight
Chacter Bright EyesSweet Kisses Candy Kisses

Lickety-Split/Posey Pose
Rainbow Skydancer (alternate)? Kiss Curl
Earth HopscotchForget-Me-Not Snowdrop
Character StarlightCharacter Melody
Hair-do Starlight

Cupcake/Shady Pose
Family Friends and Babies Friend Meadowsweet

Love Melody/Sweet Tooth Pose
Romance Love Letter

Sugarberry Pose
School-Time Art TimeRomance Love Story
Cookery Nice 'n SpicyHair-do Beautiful Bows
Family Friends and Babies Mommy MeadowsweetSweet Kisses Kiss & Tell

Up, Up, and Away Pose
School-Time Music TimeHoliday Good Weather
Romance Love TokenCookery Vanilla Treat
Character CloverHair-do Bangles
Family Friends and Babies Mommy SunbrightNurse Kind Heart

Unicorn Poses

Gusty/Sparkler Pose
Unicorn Gypsy

Pegasus Poses

Firefly/Medley Pose
Mystery Pony (yellow w/ green hair, bows)

Heart Throb/Surprise Pose
Rainbow Starshine (alternate)Pegasus Honeycomb
Forget-Me-Not Flower Belle

Adult Sea Pony Poses

Original Sea Pony Pose
Sea SpraySurf DancerWave Breaker

Baby Pony Poses

Baby Ember Pose
Earth Baby Apple-JackEarth Baby Bow-TieEarth Baby Lemondrop
Loving Family Sister Sweet CelebrationsPreschool Baby Alphabet
Best Friends Baby KatieBest Friends Baby Susie
Family Friends and Babies Baby SunbrightSweetie Baby Candy

Playset Baby Pose
Playset Half Note

Baby Blossom/Baby Cotton Candy Pose
Earth Baby HopscotchEarth Baby Cherries Jubilee
Earth Baby LemondropEarth Baby Lickety Split
Preschool Baby AbacusPreschool Baby Satchel
Best Friends Baby Billie
Family Friends and Babies Baby BerrytownFamily Friends and Babies Baby Meadowsweet
Sweetie Baby LicoriceSeaside Splash
Jewellrey Baby Pearl

Baby Glory/Baby Moondancer Pose
Unicorn Baby Gusty (alternate)Unicorn Baby Ribbon (alternate)
Unicorn Baby Buttons

Baby Firefly/Baby Surprise Pose
Pegasus Baby Heart Throb (alternate)Pegasus Baby Honeycomb

Big Brother Pony Poses

Salty/Tex Pose
Mountain Boy Ice CrystalMountain Boy Tornado

4-Speed/Quarterback Pose
Mountain Boy SunburstMountain Boy Thundercloud

Slugger/Steamer Pose
Mountain Boy FireballMountain Boy Lightning

Newborn Poses

Doodles/Jangles/Milkweed Earth Pose
Activity Club Baby BridesmaidActivity Club Baby Fun 'n Games

Noodles/Tangles/Tumbleweed Earth Pose
Activity Club Baby PonyBedtime Stargaze
Surprise Newborn Baby Snoozy

Toppy Earth Pose
Bedtime Sunset

Sweet Talkin' Pose

Palabrita CharlatanPalabrita Mimoso

Baby Boy Pose

Loving Family Baby Brother Bright BouquetLoving Family Baby Brother Apple Delight

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