Earth Pony Poses

Collector's Pose

Of course, the only pose made in this year was the Collector's Ponies pose. This pose had the pony standing with all four feet square beneath with the head held straight out in front of the body. Also, this pose, unlike the later classic standing pose, is distinguished by the fact that the pony is shorter with noticeably smaller front legs. The head appears to be a little smaller also. The biggest difference, however, was their flat feet, leading to the term: "flat-footed pony." Copywrited 1982.

Collector BlossomCollector Blue BelleCollector Butterscotch
Collector Cotton CandyCollector MintyCollector Snuzzle
Flat-Foot PeachyFlat-Foot Lemon Drop

Blossom/Cotton Candy Pose

The first earth pose was a recreation of last years pose, the collector's pose. This particular pose was a little bigger but it still had all four feet beneath the pony and head held straight out front. This pose, in order to distinguish it from the collector's pose, is commonly called the: "indented-foot pose." Copywrited 1982.

Earth/Special Order BlossomEarth/Special Order Cotton Candy
Special Order Blue BelleSpecial Order Butterscotch
Special Order MintySpecial Order Snuzzle
Playset Lemon DropPlayset Peachy
Birthflower CarnationBirthflower Violet
Birthflower DaffodilBirthflower Daisy
Birthflower Lily of the ValleyBirthflower Rose
Birthflower Water LilyBirthflower Poppy
Birthflower Morning GloryBirthflower Cosmos
Birthflower ChrysanthemumBirthflower Holly
Special Order Li'l TotSpecial Order Stockings

Apple-Jack/Bow Tie Pose

This next Earth pony pose was used extensively in the later years, the only pose to have made it out of this year in any real sense. It involved the pony again standing on all four feet. However, in this pose, the back feet were very close together and the front feet were farther apart. The head was turned to the right. Copywrited 1983.

Earth Apple-JackEarth Bow Tie
Rainbow ParasolRainbow Sunlight
Earth/So-Soft SunsanceTwice as Fancy Bonnie Bonnets
Happy Tails SqueezerMagic Message Magic Hat
Sunshine Sand DiggerLoving Family Mommy Bright Bouquet
Sparkle Pony NapperSpecial Order Sweet Scoops
Special Order Mommy


This pose was only used for these two ponies and is very unique in that is features the pony in a sitting position. The pony sat on its haunches with its head held straight up and out. This is the rarest pose there was, excluding those poses like the Merry-Go-Round ponies. Copywrited 1983.

Earth BubblesEarth Seashell

Cherries Jubilee/Tootsie Pose

This pose is a very odd pose, in my opinion. I do not believe that a real pony would or even could bend themselves into this position. In any case, if featured a pony that has its back feet beneath it, stretched a little back. The right front foot was stretched a little forward and planted on the ground. The top of the head was tilted quite a bit to the left. The left front itself was bent quite a bit at the knee and nearly touched the ground, dropping the shoulder down a bit, which was merely exaggestared by the tilted head. Copywrited 1984

Earth/So-Soft Cherries JubileeEarth Tootsie
Twice as Fancy MerriweatherHappy Tails Romper
Magic Message CuddlesCandy Cane Molasses
Sunshine ShorelinePerfume Puff Sweet Suds
Loving Family Mommy Sweet CelebrationsSparkle Sunspot
Rainbow Curl Raincurl

Lickety-Split/Posey Pose

This pose was one of the most popular and long-lived poses. It lasted from year 3 to year 10. In this pose, the pony was trotting while holding her head up. The left front foot and right hind foot her planted on the ground underneath the pony while the left hind was extended out back and the right front was extended in front. Both of these feet touched the ground just with the tip of the hoof. Copywrited 1984.

Earth/So-Soft Lickety-SplitEarth/So-Soft Posey
Rainbow ConfettiRainbow Trickles
Twice as Fancy Night GliderBrush 'n Grow Pretty Vision
Magic Message WindySweetberry Cherry Treats
Candy Cane Caramel CrunchSunshine Main Sail
Perfume Puff Sweet lilyPrincess Brush and Grow Star Gleamer
Rainbow Curl StripesMerry Treat
Rockin' Beat Half NoteFlower Fantasy Sweet Blossom
Special Order Satin 'n Lace

Cupcake/Shady Pose

This pose seems to be a mixture between the Cherry Jubilee/Tootsie pose and the Blossom/Cotton Candy pose. It had the pony standing with her back feet and front left flat on the ground. The right hind was a little in front of the left hind and the front left was stretched a little forward. the front right is bend back at the knee. The head is held up and straight. The pony almost seems to be leaning back a little. Copywrited 1985.

So-Soft CupcakeSo-Soft ShadySo-Soft Scrumptious
Twinkle Eye GingerbreadTwinkle Eye Sweet StuffTwinkle Eye Sky Rocket
Party Gift Pack Party TimeBrush 'n Grow RingletsSweet Berry Rasperry Jam
Candy Cane Mint DreamsSparkle Sky RocketPerfume Puff Daisy Sweet
Glow 'n Show HappyglowBirthday Pony

Magic Star/Truly Pose

This pose was the second rarest pose. It was used only three times, most likely due to the fact that the ponies were supported only by two feet and had a tendency to fall over. They did come with a stand for support but stand and pony were often seperated. In any case, this pose was of a rearing pony. The pony was up on its hind feet which were flat on the ground. The front were bent at the knees and the front left was stuck out farther forward. The head was straight and facing forward. Copywrited (I guess) 1985.

So-Soft Magic StarSo-Soft TrulySo-Soft Skippety-Doo

Love Melody/Sweet Tooth Pose

This pose was a little larger than any previous poses. This pose actually had the pony pacing (moving both feet of the same side at the same time) which is actually an unnatural pace for a real pony but can be trained into them. The left feet were planted on the ground and thrust a little forward and the right feet were thrust back and rested on just the tip of the hoof. The head was held very high and was turned to the right. Copywrited 1987.

Twice as Fancy Love MelodyTwice as Fancy Sweet Tooth
So-Soft AngelTwinkle Eye Quackers
Brush 'n Grow Twisty TailHappy Tail Woosie
Sweet Berry Cranberry MuffinsPrincess Brush 'n Grow Skylark
Rockin' Beat Pretty BeatSpecial Order Rapunzel

Sugarberry Pose

This pose was, in my opinion, a very interesting one. It had the body of the pony twisted a little so that the right hind and the left fore were almost in line and the left hind and right fore were a little ways away from the body. The hind feet and the front left were however all flat on the ground. The right fore was touching only at the tip. The muzzle was tilted to the right so that the pony seemed to be looking to the right. Copywrited 1987.

Twice as Fancy SugarberrySo-Soft TaffyTwinkle Eye Tic Tac Toe
Slumper Gift Pack Pillow TalkPlayset ScoopsCandy Cane Lemon Treats
Sparkle Star DancerTropical Tootie TailsRocin'Beat Sweet Notes
Flower Fantasy Love PetalSoda Sippin' Chocholate DelightSoda Sippin' Strawberry Scoops

Up, Up, and Away Pose

This pose very much resembled the earlier Apple-Jack/Bow Tie pose, but it was very much different. The pony was substantially slimmer than other ponies. All four feet were flat on the ground. The back feet were close together and level with each other. The pony's front left was stretched out front and a bit to the side and the pony looked to the left as well. Copywrited 1987.

Twice as Fancy Up, Up, and AwaySo-Soft CrumpetTwinkle Eye Bright Eyes
Playset FifiTAF MunchyHappy Tail Tossles
Magic Message Mirror MirrorSweet Berry Strawberry SurpriseSunshine Seaflower
Perfume Puff Dainty DahliaLoving Family Mommy Apple DelightTAF Sundance
Tropical Pina ColadaGlow 'n Show Bright GlowFlower Fantasy Flower Belle

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