Boy Pony Poses

Big brothers are alot larger than regular ponies. However, their biggest distingusing feature is the fur about their feet, which is in real life merely a characteristic of draft horses and is completely unrelated to gender.

Salty/Tex Pose

This pose is an akward pose for the mere reason that is is hard to bend those thick legs. Perhaps its akward nature is what caused it to dissapear after the first year, not to reappear in any later Big Brother Ponies. However, this pose featured a bend front right leg which touched the ground with its front. The other feet were flat and even. The head was inclined downward and a little to the right. Copywrighted 1987.


4-Speed/Quarterback Pose

This pose perhaps fit quarterback best, as in it, he seems to be bracing during the big game. It was also the most used Big Brother pose. All four feet are flat on the ground and spread a bit apart. The front two feet are pushed forward a bit so that they are just forward of the body. The head is looking to the right a little with the top of the head inclined to the left. Copywrighted 1987.

BarnacleWig Wam
Loving Family Daddy Apple DelightSpecial Order Tux 'n Tails

Slugger/Steamer Pose

This pose was almost identical to the Steamer/Quarterback pose. There were several noticeable differences. First of all, the front feet were wider spaced. The rear feet were different too, with the left rear stretched back a little, although flat and the right rear directly beneath the pony. His front feet were a little stretched forward but flat also. His head was turned to the left and not inclined in any direction. Copywrited 1987.

ChiefLoving Family Daddy Bright Bouquet
Loving Family Daddy Sweet Celebrations

Baby Boy Pose

This first attempt at a boy pony was very different from the later "clydesdale look." Instead of having fur about this boy's feet, he was merely a more chubby, bigger version of a female pony. He had all four feet flat ont he ground and seemed to be looking up to the right just a little. His mouth was opened too. The most distinguishing feature of this pony was the rims about his feet that were just 1/6" (or 3 mm) off the ground.

Baby Sweet CelebrationsLucky, the StallionClipper

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