Baby Pony Poses

Baby Ember Pose

The very first baby pose was the very longest used baby pose. It was used mostly for the special order ponies, though. It resembled the Applejack/Bow-Tie pose down tot he very last detail. The head was looking to the right with all four feet planted. The hind feet were closer togather than the front feet. Copywrite 1984.

Special Order Blue Baby EmberSpecial Order Pink Baby EmberSpecial Order Purple Baby Ember
Baby Ember w/ starLoving Family Baby Apple DelightBaby Pony and Pretty Pal Baby Fleecy
Sparkle Baby StarflowerRainbow Baby SunribbonSpecial Order Baby Blue Ribbon
Special Order Baby SugarcakeSpecial Order Baby GametimeSpecial Order Baby Christmas Pony
Special Order Baby Chuck E. Cheese

Playset Baby Pose

This pose was used only for the early playset babies and for no other. The pony was looking straight forward with a slight lift to her head. All four feet were planted but the front feet were extended forward and the back feet back. It is interesting to note that this pose fits perfectly in the nursery's swing and almost looks to be rocking it. Copywrited 1985.

Baby CuddlesBaby Tiddly WinksBaby Half Note

Baby Blossom/Baby Cotton Candy Pose

This earth baby pose was an interesting pose that seemed to mirror the Powder/Sky Flier pose. It seemed as though the baby were looking up to her mother as she was looking almost straight up. Only two feet, the right legs, touched the ground. The other two feet were tipped up onto the toe, the hind foot only slightly, and the front foot a lot. The front foot was brought back to effect this. Copywrited 1984.

Earth/Pearlized Baby BlossomEarth/Pearlized Baby Cotton Candy
Fancy Pants Baby StarburstFancy Pants Baby Bows
Loving Family Baby Bright BouquetBaby Pony & Pal Baby Stripes
Sparkle Baby North StarBaby Princess Sparkle
Rainbow Baby StarbowSpecial Order Baby Pony
Special Order White Valentine's Day Twins

Baby Glory/Baby Moondancer Pose

This pose was the only normal baby unicorn pose made. It was a very sweet pose, and one of my favorites. All four legs, especially the front legs, were thin in comparison to normal ponies. Three feet are flat on the ground while the fourth foot, the front left, was lifted completely off the ground. The left rear foot was a little in front of the right rear. The head was looking to the left. Copywrited 1984.

Unicorn/Pearlized Baby GloryUnicorn/Pearlized Baby Moondancer
Fancy Pants Baby GliderBaby Pony and Pretty Pal Baby Lucky Leaf
Sparkle Baby GustyRainbow Baby Rainribbon
Paradise Baby BeachballSpecial Order Baby Sweet Tooth
Special Order Baby Up, Up, and Away

Baby Firefly/Baby Surprise Pose

This pose seemed just a step off of being a newborn, it was so small and chubby. All four feet were planted firm on the gound directly underneath the baby. The top of her head was tilted to the right and she looked straight forward. Copywrited 1984.

Pegasus/Pearlized Baby FireflyPegasus/Pearlized Baby Surprise
Baby Pony and Pretty Pal Baby PocketsSparkle Baby Firefly
Rainbow Baby Brightbow

Beddy Bye Eye Baby Pony Poses

There were three Beddy-Bye Eye baby poses, one unicorn pose, one earth pose, and one pegasus pose. They all had glasslike eyes that opened and closed when the baby was laid on her side. The eyes also had eyelashes, a new and unique feature that is only shared with Princess, the later Princess Pony.

Baby Lickety-Split/Baby Shady Pose

The only earth pony pose for beddy eye babies, this pose was the most widely used of all the beddy-eye babies poses. The baby had three feet planted, but this time it was the right hind that was not planted. That foot was stretched out behind the pony and rested on its tip. The head was turned to the right slightly. The mouth was open slightly. Copywrited 1986.

Baby Lickety-SplitBaby Shady
Baby SundanceBaby Sleepy Pie
Baby Half NoteBaby Tiddley Winks

Baby Gusty/Baby Ribbon Pose

This pose seemed to be made to resemble the adult pose of which Gusty was a member of. THree feet were planted on the ground and the fourth, the front right, was bent quite a bit at the knee and rested on the ground at its tip. The head was turned very slightly to the right and the mouth was open. This pose's hair had a nasty tendancy to stand erect and that made it look very funny sometimes. Copywrited 1986.

Baby GustyBaby RibbonBaby Frosting

Baby Lofty/Baby Heart Throb Pose

This pose was used the least, only for the two baby ponies and for no other. It seemed to be made after the Heart Throb/Surprise pose. Three feet were planted and the fourth leg, the front right was bent at the knee, with the tip just touching the ground, and with the knee inclined inwards. The back left was slightly in front of the back right. The top of the head was tilted to the left. The odd thing about this pose was the wings which did not really resemble any previous wings. Copywrited 1986.

Baby Heart ThrobBaby Lofty

First Tooth Baby Pony Poses

Playset First Tooth Pose

At first I didn't notice. And I never would have. This pose was SOOO like Baby Quackers and Baby Lickety Slit pose, it went right by me. I wouldn't have realized hadn't it been for an email from Pinwheel. As it turns out, the Playset pose has a body identical to the Baby Quackers/Baby Lickety Split pose (see below). The only difference is that the head is inclined in the other direction, to the left, not to the right. Copywrited 1987.

Playset Baby CrumpetPlayset Night Cap

Baby Fifi/Baby Tic-Tac-Toe Pose

This baby pose was the baby version of a trot. Two feet were flat, the right hind and the left fore. These two feet were alos brought underneath the pony's body. The right fore was stretched out and touched the ground with its tip and the left hind was stretched back and also touched the ground with only the tip. The head was held high and parallel with the ground. Copywrited 1987.

First Tooth Baby FifiFirst Tooth Baby Tic-Tac-Toe
Fancy Pants Baby SplashesFancy Pants Baby Sunnybunch
Tropical Baby PineappleSpecial Order Baby Love Melody
Special Order Baby Love MelodySpecial Order Purple Valentine's Twin

Baby Lickety-Split/Baby Quackers Pose

This pose was the walking pose of the baby world. All four feet seemed to be planted flat, but only the right two were. The hind right was directly beneath the baby and the front right was slightly bent back. The two left feet were just slightly tilted off the ground and were angled forward. The head was straight and slightly tilted up. Copywrited 1987.

First Tooth Baby Lickety-SplitFirst Tooth Baby Quackers

Baby Bouncy/Baby Northstar Pose

This pose was the only first tooth pose that was not an earth pose. Instead, it was a pegasus pose. Three feet werew planted and all planted feet were brought forward, the back feet so that they were beneath the pony and the front left so that is was in front. The front right was bent at the knee and touched the ground with its tip. The head was held straight and looked slightly to the right. Copywrited 1987.

First Tooth Baby BouncyFirst Tooth Baby Northstar
Fancy Pants Baby Dots 'n HeartsSpecial Order Baby Dancing Butterflies
Special Order Baby Milky WayTropical Baby Palm Tree

Peek-a-Boo Baby Poses

Sorry guys, still sorting them out. These poses are really confusing, especially because of the baby boy poses. I'm working on it right now. I'd appreciate any info/input.

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