My Little pony G1 Poses

Whew! Nearly complete but STILL under construction. I do, still need pose help with some things. If there is someone out there with a majority of the baby brothers, could you please help me out by taking a look at their poses. If you could help me, I'd appreciate it.
There were several poses that Hasbro made over the years for the My Little Ponies. Some were simplistic, some showy, some even elegant. Everyone has their own favorite pose. There are, however, some interesting peculiarities and patterns about these poses. Here, with a description of each, is a list of poses and which ponies were made in the poses. For Sundae Best Ponies and Princcess Ponies, PLEEEAASSSEEE check all the way down. Odd as it may seem, they are NOT listed under earth/pegasus/unicorn poses but later in the list. Please also note that I only list G1 ponies. I have yet to compile info on later sets.

Earth Pony PosesUnicorn Poses
Pegasus PosesSea Pony Poses
Baby Pony Poses (incl. lots)Princess Pony Poses
Flutter Pony PosesBoy Pony Poses
Newborn PosesPony Friend's Poses
Sundae Best PosesSummer/Windy Wing Poses
Merry Go Round Pony PosesSweetheart Sister Poses
Later/other Adult Pony PosesLater/other Baby Pony Poses


Foreign Pony Poses!

Though still not really complete, it's complete enough to put up. I'd apprecate any help on missing info here! Thanks.

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